A pearl of accepted wisdom in the real estate profession:

“Agents shouldn’t market themselves; they should market homes.”

My two cents:

Depends on the kind of real estate business you want to build, what your long-term vision of success looks like, and, ultimately, your values.

Do you want to be a realtor who “just sells” homes?

A realtor who neither buyers nor sellers feel any real attachment to, who is able to be replaced with any other realtor a few blocks away, and, therefore, can only get away with charging the “market rate” for commissions?

A realtor who enjoys zero loyalty or authority positioning?

If so, fair enough.

Forget about marketing yourself.

Spend your time, money, and smarts marketing your property.

You’ll rake in some decent fees for a few years. And when you’re ready to move onto something else, folks will probably not even notice you’ve gone.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with this positioning…

…if it’s what you want.

But what if you want to be more?

A realtor who is known and admired.

A realtor who is seen not just as an “agent” — but as a respected expert on the local real estate market, and an indispensable guide through a process that, for most folks, is scary, frustrating, and gut-wrenchingly exciting.

A realtor whose reputation proceeds them, who is known, liked, and trusted by many of your city’s affluent families and wealthiest business magnates.

A realtor who is considered by many to be a friend of the family.

Someone whose name gets passed around at dinner parties and barbeques.

A realtor who is “inherited” by their clients’ kids.

A realtor who enjoys impeccable loyalty, even though he or she charges commissions that are above the “going rate”. (Folks are happy to pay a little more, because he or she is considered an expert and an authority.)

A realtor who doesn’t go hungry when there’s a recession.

A realtor who receives Christmas cards from clients.

If you want to be THIS realtor, there’s no two ways about it. You need to market yourself. Because it’s the only way to build a personal brand.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

This kind of positioning can take several years to manifest.

However, there’s a way to ACCELERATE the process.

Author and publish a book.

Very few realtors are authors. So, it’s something that immediately sets you apart from the competition and gives buyers and sellers a reason to treat you differently. It also gives you something tangible to give away to folks.

Our Speak-a-Book program makes authoring a book as easy as humanly possible. It takes away almost all of the hard work and hassle.

All you need to do is the fun stuff.

That is, jumping on an interview call with us, answering a set of carefully formulated “content-extraction” questions, and getting your ideas down on paper in the form of an interview transcript. We then use our “magic” to transform this transcript into a finished authority book in ~30 days.


You get a smart, professional-looking, and officially published authority book. You now have a platform for promoting yourself, differentiating yourself from competitors, and building a personal brand as an authority and expert.

And all it took was a few hours of easy and enjoyable work.

That’s our Speak-a-Book program.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, getting details on pricing/terms, and seeing a sample of a book we’ve created for other realtors, click here:

→ realtors.jacobsandwhitehall.com/speak-a-book/

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