Tired of losing deals to realtors who charge less?

Realtors who, more often than not, just got their real estate license.

And who are so desperate for business, they’ll cut their fees to the bone and piss in the market without a thought or a prayer for anyone else.

I have some advice that might help.

First, a fair warning:

What I’m about to share with you might seem “obvious”. Dismiss it at your peril, however. Because it’s actually a profound insight. One that took me many years to fully grasp. And it completely changed the game for me.

Here it is:

If you want to successfully command premium fees, you need to give homebuyers and sellers a valid reason to pay more to hire you.

“Experience” and “local knowledge” don’t count.

They are examples of fluff credibility.

Any realtor can say he or she has “experience” and “local expertise”. In fact, most do. (Even the freshly minted realtors whose license signatures are still wet!) So, nobody takes these kinds of credibility claims seriously.

What you need is a SOLID credibility asset.

Something that other realtors cannot easily replicate. Something that elevates your positioning and sets you apart from your peers and competitors.

Something that is meaningful to members of the public.

The real estate license was supposed to be just this. But it seems like State Governments now give them away for free with every Happy Meal. (It costs less than $300 and takes barely four months to get licensed now…)

So, you need something else.

But what?

In my experience, a book is ideal.

Most regular folks put book authors on a pedestal. They consider them experts and authorities in their chosen fields. Often unconsciously.

Their perception is that authoring a book and getting it published is a long, painstaking, and expensive process. One that publishing houses reserve for only elite practitioners. So, if you have a published book, you must be a big deal. You must be a level above the other realtors in your local area.

(Of course, they don’t know about our Speak-a-Book service, which helps experienced realtors become published authors in as little as 30 days.)

Any realtor can say they have “experience”.

But how many of your peers can say they are an author?


That’s why being an author elevates your positioning.

And helps you command higher fees.

Our Speak-a-Book service can make you the author of three separate titles. Not by having you write these books. But by using recorded interviews to get your content out your head and down on paper… and then using that content to customize three books of your choice from our library of white-label titles.

From your point of view, it takes barely an hour.

(We spend about 30 days carefully creating your three books.)

Most realtors have no idea a service like this even exists.

So, it gives you an instant competitive edge. An edge that helps you command higher fees, and stops you losing solid deals to other realtors who charge less (because they can only compete on price and not authority).

Hence my advice:

Author a book, become an author, and position yourself as an authority.

Or, resign yourself to competing on price.

The choice is yours.

If you’d like to author a book, though, we can help you. We can take away almost all the heavy lifting, and put three finished books in your hand in as little as 30 days. More info about our Speak-a-Book service over here:

→ realtors.jacobsandwhitehall.com/speak-a-book/

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