A common myth among realtors:

(Especially with newbies and intermediates.)

That more leads equals more pipeline, more opportunities to close a deal or secure a listing, and more Benjamins in your jeans at the end of the day.

I’m afraid it doesn’t always work like that.

And if you too are praying for more leads to fall out the sky and land on your desk, you’d better be careful what you wish for. And here’s why.

Suppose you sell oranges.

And suppose you have a stand in a busy market, right next to the door. Dozens of hot and bothered people, gagging for the refreshing taste of a sweet orange, walk past every minute licking their lips.

They smile politely, pick up one of your oranges, and examine it closely. “Looks delicious!”, they say, before putting it back down and walking over to the next vendor so they can see what else is on offer.

Do they come back and buy your oranges?


Because it turns out, the guy down the hall sells cold orange juice.

More traffic through the door won’t help you. Because, in this situation, more “leads” just means more people putting their grubby hands on your fruit.

It won’t translate into more sales.

This is just a silly example.

But it illustrates a similar dynamic that happens in local real estate markets. And it’s the reason why more leads can often be a bad thing.

It all comes down to positioning.

In most cities or metro areas, there is a realtor or agent who is known as the “top dog”. He or she is the respected expert on the local market. The name that gets passed around at cocktail parties and black-tie dinners.

After your leads have met with you, or spoken with you on the phone, they’ll go away and “shop”. Because that’s what everyone does these days.

Inevitably, they will discover this other agent.

And he or she will eat your lunch.

The more visitors you get coming to your website, the more leads who call, the more time you waste educating and pre-selling this agent’s clients.

Unless… YOU are that agent, that respected expert.

Hence, my advice to realtors who are struggling to attract the deals and secure the listings they deserve right now:

Your problem probably isn’t lead flow.


You need to become known as the expert, the respected authority on your local market. The realtor who stands out as the most knowledgeable.

Then competitors’ leads will find their way to you.

Easiest way to create that positioning?

Author a book and get it officially published.

It changes the way others perceive you, literally overnight. And it’s an advantage that most of your competitors cannot “steal” from you — simply because most folks have no idea that something like our Speak-a-Book service even exists.

It lets you author a book in just 2-3 hours of easy work. Not by using ghostwriters.

Because the finished book is 100% your own words and ideas. But by using structured interviews to get your knowledge down on paper, and then drafted into a polished, professional-looking, and published book.

Interested in learning more?

Here’s where you can get a complimentary sample book and info pack:


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