I recently dusted off my copy of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

‘Tis an old book. But also a great book.

Gary Keller packs a lot of wisdom in there, and it’s even more relevant in the age of Google, Facebook, and the ruthless commoditization of realtors.

When I first bought this book, it was for the “how-to” information.

Over the years, though, I’ve come to appreciate that Keller burried the real gold under his advice on mindset, i.e. the inner game of success.

Something he says in the intro that is bang on the dough:

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to achieving great success for most people is that they cannot get their heads around and obvious and uncomplicated success can be.

Amen to that.

And this advice applies equally to marketing.

It took me several years to appreciate it, but attracting “cream-of-the-crop” listings isn’t rocket science. Even in competitive markets, the “secret” to being the go-to realtor who lands the best listings is surprisingly simple. You just need to give them a reason to list with you rather than anybody else.

You need to be the realtor in your city or metro who they know, like, and trust the most.

In other words, the realtor with the biggest personal brand.

It’s not rocket science.

But it’s a fool-proof way to land and close more deals, grow your personal income, and build more wealth than you ever dreamed possible.

The best way to grow your personal brand?

Author a book.

Start giving it out to affluent folks who are, or may soon be, in the market to sell. Then sit back while your book (and your status as a published author) works its magic and has them beating a path to your door to list with you.

What if you don’t have time to write a book?

Well — that’s why I created our Speak-a-Book service for realtors, agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals. It’s a way for you to get a book and become a published author, without having to write a single word.

Interested in learning more?

Click the link below, enter your details, and I’ll send a few sample books and an information pack to your office. You can check it out for yourself.

→ realtors.jacobsandwhitehall.com/speak-a-book/

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