An important real estate marketing lesson.

It’s from one of my favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And it’s especially relevant to realtors, agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals who are tired of losing deals to competitors.

The scene:

Indiana Jones is chasing through the back alleys of Cairo, searching frantically in crowds for his “kind-of-but-not-quite” girlfriend, Marion, who has just been kidnapped.

Suddenly, there’s a murmuring noise, and the crowd forms a circle around Indy… and a fierce warrior wearing a turban.

He’s taller, bigger, and meaner than Indy.

And the fierce warrior taunts him, by waving his huge sword around in his hands, as if to say: “I’m a master swordsman. You don’t stand a chance.”

Indy frowns.

Then he pulls out his Smith & Wesson, and shoots from the hip.

And he’s turned around before the swordsman’s body even hits the ground, his mind back in the chase. This “fight” didn’t even make Indy blink.

Now, this is what we call “bringing a gun to knife fight”.

In some situations, fighting fair is for suckers.

Searching for your kidnapped woman in the backstreets of Cairo is one of those situations. Attracting real estate deals and closing them is too.

When a seller approaches you about helping them sell their home or property, chances are you are one of 3-4 realtors in the running.

Just another “option”.

What are those other realtors “armed” with?

Business cards.

“Here, take my card. Call me when you’re ready to do this.”

You can show up with a card too.

But that would be bringing a knife to a knife fight. And fighting fair is for suckers. I’d rather give you a Smith & Wesson, so you have an edge.

I’m talking about a book.

It’s far easier than you probably realize. In fact, our Speak-a-Book service can make you a published author of three titles in less than an hour of easy work.


By licensing three solid books that we have already authored in partnership with some of America’s most successful independent real estate pros, and then using recorded interviews to draft the intros, a few unique chapters, “about the author” sections, and other parts specifically for you.

You get three books you can hand out to potential clients.

While competitors say, “Here, take my card…”, you can say, “Let me give you a complimentary copy of my book. It shows how we can help you.”


Your competitors are still just a name on a business card.

You’re the author of a book. This gives you authority positioning. And, when prospects are done reading the book, they now know, like, and trust you.

You become the pre-eminent realtor. The obvious choice.

Rather than just another option.

Do with this advice what you will. If you take it to heart, it will help you beat out the competition, and attract and close more real estate deals.

You may even become the “Indiana Jones” of realtors in your city.

Want to learn more about our Speak-a-Book service?

And see one or two sample books?

Request a complimentary information pack here:


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