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VA Mortgage Loan Specialist

(Gilbert, AZ)
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How To Pay Off Your Mortgage 4-12 Years Sooner

Published Date: July 2020

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How To Pay Off Your Mortgage 4-12 Years Sooner: And Save Tens And Thousands In Interest

Once I’ve helped someone finance the purchase of a home (or a refinance of their existing property), it’s my goal to then help that person start paying off their mortgage faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

When people buy real estate, they don't realize that when they choose a bank to finance them, they’re also choosing a business partner. My job is to help clients to choose the right partner to meet their needs.

Mortgages are similar to taxes, and no one likes paying taxes. No one wants to take out a mortgage. However, just as many people want to drive on smooth public roads and put their kids in top-notch school districts, people who want to own property often must partner with a bank borrow enough money to purchase the property they want.

When most folks first set out to buy a home, they rarely have the money available to pay 100% cash up front. They need a mortgage, with the end goal of owning the property free and clear “someday” in the future.

Banks are business partners to homeowners. As a mortgage professional, I act as an advocate for buyers looking to finance real estate through these bank partners.

In addition to serving as an advocate to help my clients choose the right bank partners, I also help them clearly understand how mortgages work. In fact, the whole goal of this book is to educate people on how to pay off their mortgage sooner, so you can experience financial freedom that much quicker.